March 16, 2009
The model baby

John, Clementine and the kids came over to see Elizabeth for the first time yesterday.  She does a great imitation of a model baby for visitors so we've decided that we obviously need to invite people over for her "fussy" time between midnight and 3am.  After passing the sleeping Elizabeth around for the requisite "oohing" and "ahhing", we settled down for some Big Brain Academy action on the Wii.  Elizabeth slept and slept despite lots of noise and laughter as the players received advice on what options to select. 


Deborah didn't seem to quite know what to make of Elizabeth, although she definitely wanted to take the adorable princess dress back home with her - it's hard to believe that she is going to be three soon.  We're so used to Deborah and Erika being the "babies"! 


Dave, Karen, Janice and various grandparents all dropped by as well for some baby therapy time.

On March 21, 2009 at 06:58 pm
Donna said:
Congratulations on being a Mom! I didn't realize that you have a newborn! Yes, you may use my idea of a baby in a box - but be careful - I was hesitant on posting that photo because it looks like maybe she wouldn't be able to breath - or someone might get the wrong idea. She was fine, but it made me feel weird, so I had her get out quickly! Also, be sure to check out Ergo baby carriers! I don't have experience with them for little littles, but they are VERY comfortable for moms and babes when they are bigger (the babes!). All the moms I know swear by them, also!



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