January 18, 2011
Study in Motion

Big day with new library program starting in the morning, painting and a visit with cousins to the Museum of Science and Technology.


Needless to say we didn't find time for a proper nap! I realized that Elizabeth hasn't had much interaction with other kids her age since before Christmas due to all the gallivanting and plague recouperating we've been doing. It was hard to get her to pay attention to the librarian when there were so many other little people to watch. She did brave the crowd to get her very own shaker, but waited until most of the kids sat down and then sidled her way up to the librarian one half step at a time.  She told Daddy she had fun afterwards.


After lunch we walked Erika to her pottery class.  Elizabeth and I painted at the Mud Oven while we waited. Elizabeth wanted to paint "self" (by herself) so we mostly used stencils and little sponges in an attempt to ensure the end product ends up thin enough for baking.  We ran out of time but at this age it's more about the process than the end product so I'm just as happy to be heading back again sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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