January 22, 2011
Museum of Nature

I told my mom that she had to write this post, so she dictated what I should write:


"Elizabeth and Grandma went to the Museum of Nature on Saturday afternoon and had a lovely time.

All done!"


Mom! I said.


"Okay, okay. The polar bear was very scary.  Elizabeth hung on very tight.  Then we played peek-a-boo in the hole for the seal.  As long as she couldn't see the bear she was fine.  Then we went to the puppet theatre and played with the puppets. One little boy grabbed a puppet out of her hands but his mommy made him give it back.


There was a plaque with a bunch of magnets and the baby animals have to find their mommies.  Elizabeth liked that. Then we saw the whale and she had a lovely time playing in the arctic exploration ship's kitchen.  Then some boys got a little rough so she didn't want to stay much longer.  Then we had an enormous snack before going home.


The end."


I think she left out the part where Elizabeth played so hard she missed her afternoon nap!  At bedtime Elizabeth was so tired she fell asleep nearly as soon as she put her head down on the pillow...

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