February 1, 2011
Spartacat goes swimming

We brought home an Ottawa Senators Spartacat colouring sheet from the library in the hopes of winning free tickets. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I thought that Elizabeth might be able to colour quietly while I had a shower. 


At first I thought I'd had a brilliant idea, until Elizabeth trotted into the bathroom to show me her completed picture.  I wasn't even completely wet yet.  "Good job!" I said.  "Why don't you go colour the balloons now?" "Okay", she said and trotted back to add a single mark to her paper.  Fifteen seconds later she was back.  I sped up my scrubbing and sent her off again to colour various body parts, but after a few trips Elizabeth may have realized that I couldn't really see her picture from behind the shower curtain with my eyes screwed shut against the shampoo.


"Ook Mama!  Ook!" said Elizabeth, grabbing the shower curtain and leaning into the bathtub.

"Watch out!" I replied.  "If you aren't careful, you'll get your pretty drawing wet."


"Oops", said Elizabeth as the drawing landed in the tub.


Great concern but eventually Daddy came to the rescue with a hair dryer.

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