March 18, 2009
First official walk

We made it out of the house today for Elizabeth's first official walk!  (We figured that going to visit the midwives doesn't really count, although the distances involved weren't terribly different...)  She seems rather overwhelmed by the big world - screwing her eyes up tightly, and then opening them just a crack at a time to peek at all the new sights and sounds. 


So far it seems that venturing outside is a good way to quiet her down, so if you happen to venture into our part of the Glebe at 2am some morning don't be too surprised to see a tall skinny guy with a baby walking down the street.  Mom of course will be sensibly snoozing in bed.


After the walk Elizabeth snuggled with her many bears.  We swear she's actually awake in those photos - not that you can tell...

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