February 16, 2011

Grandma J, Elizabeth and I went skating on the canal this morning for what might be the last time this season, given the +11 forecast for Friday. Elizabeth gets cold very easily so she got all bundled up in her down sleeping bag, boots and all!  Somehow the stroller manufacturers didn't take the need to add a sleeping bag into consideration when designing their straps.


In the afternoon, we had a cousin play date.  Yukiko and I got our exercise dragging all three up and down the laneway.  Maria was delighted to have her first sleigh ride.  Afterwards, they all played inside nicely for a while.  Then Erika wanted to play naptime.  Elizabeth wouldn't move over so Erika was annoyed.  Maria wanted to climb in too.  Then the lights went off and Elizabeth thought maybe she was being tricked into an unwanted nap.  Tears. Meanwhile, Maria climbed into the pretend bed and defended her territory against Erika by hitting and scratching.  Since she wasn't sharing, she got moved forcibly.  The crying became a duet.  Erika wasn't mollified and went off to have a private wail because "no one wants to play with her properly".  Gales of tears. 


Tears dried quickly when they realized Elizabeth was about to go home.  Erika brought Elizabeth her toy kitty to pet "to help her feel better".  Minor (realistic) concern that Elizabeth might kidnap kitty was allayed with a promise to locate a kitty for Elizabeth at home.


At bedtime Elizabeth prayed for God to please bless "my new kitty and Erika's kitty too".

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