March 1, 2011
Picture with a Bear Day

We officially get to count in years instead of months now, which means that we just might be entering the so-called terrific two phase.


I've noticed to my amusement that the number of activities geared for the 18 month to 3 year old set is much more limited than what's available for babies (especially pre-walking babies) or "preschoolers".  I'm blaming the unpredictable nap schedule rather than the legendary increase in temper tantrums.


Speaking of naps, Elizabeth does still take one quite happily about two o'clock in the afternoon.  Or three.  Or eleven in the morning.  Or around four.  She is totally out of diapers and I'm starting to wonder why I tote around the diaper bag given that we never use its non-snack related contents.  Don't worry - I know better than to leave it at home (that would be asking for trouble!!!) Night time is a bit more of a challenge, because she still needs to pee a couple of times during the night but is obviously a sound sleeper.  She whimpers and crawls off the mattress but if Mom or Dad don't rescue her in time she'll make puddles on the floor.  She finds this more traumatic than Daddy does so we try hard to leap out of bed on time.


Elizabeth's testing boundaries, along with our ability to consistently enforce them. Suddenly life is peppered with "why?" and "where?" questions, to which she expects a proper answer! She can be reasoned with, at least some times. She's still helpful, but she likes things to be her own idea. So she'll say "no!" when asked to do something but do it anyway after a couple of minutes.  Doing things "ike a baby" is extremely popular at the moment.  Most of the time this works to our advantage.  Doesn't want to put on her snowsuit?  "Let's put it on like a baby" are MAGIC words... 


Other favourite activities include drawing, chasing, singing and hiding. We don't quite understand the rules surrounding when we are supposed to find her and when we aren't. It's particularly challenging when she decides to "hide" out in plain sight but we're not supposed to know where she is.


Elizabeth is about 85cm tall and weighs about 10 kilos. This means three things: 1) She's on basically the same height and weight curve she's been on since birth. 2) She should end up somewhere between 160 (5'3") and 170cm (5'7") tall. 3) She's not going to graduate to a booster seat any time soon.

On March 3, 2011 at 01:35 pm
Grandma H. said:
Oh my, has the bear gotten smaller?

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