May 12, 2011
Corn Syrup Paint

I saw a recipe for "shiny paint" online somewhere (lost the link), but essentially you mix corn syrup with food colouring.  The website suggested painting onto parchment paper.  I tried wax paper but that didn't really work.  We folded our wax paper in half and it made a pretty stained glass effect.


We painted tulips in honour of Tulip Fest.  Elizabeth also painted three doggies.  Mommy had to do a self-portrait on Elizabeth's paper. Elizabeth painted Daddy next to Mommy.


Elizabeth thought the paint was quite yummy.  Hours later she came back to the paintings, touched the still-drying paint and licked it thoughtfully.  Daddy was a little appalled.  It did dry and was as shiny as advertised.  Mommy was worried about attracting wildlife in the form of ants so shortly after taking pictures I confess the originals landed in the green bin.

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