May 25, 2011
Bird Kingdom

Bird Kingdom was a real highlight of the Niagara trip. Birds everywhere - in the big aviary and the small one, everywhere you looked was another bird.


The staff were friendly and helpful, but honestly the best part was that a bird actually landed on Grandma's head!  It pulled out a couple of strands of hair, then flew off.  Then it came back and it was my turn to donate to the nest.  When I posted about this on Facebook, most people thought it sounded painful, but it was SO cool.  I was pleased that it didn't poop on me though. We could have spent hours in the small bird aviary alone.


In the large aviary there were a couple of ducks hanging out in front of the indoor waterfall, strutting their stuff back and forth.  Suddenly one took a step backwards, lost its footing and went hurtling over the edge with a startled squawk! It came back shortly with ruffled dignity and feathers. I think my favourite birds were the scarlet Ibis.


Visitors are asked not to touch the birds, but there is a cage where you can "encounter" some tame ones with the help of a staff member and some nectar.  You can buy extra nectar for two dollars (and professional photos at the end), but we didn't bother because it was clear that Elizabeth wasn't too sure about being that close to the bird.  She certainly wasn't about to let it walk on HER!


On the way home we noticed millions of bird nests lining the highway on the Burlington bridge. Anyone know what they are? Big black heron-like birds.

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