June 16, 2011
Gnaw marks

A little while ago, this guy asked twitter whether "Anyone else out there have critters gnaw holes in their #ottcity green bins?"


My reply? "Shouldn't you be asking who DOESN'T have gnaw marks in their green bins?" I was actually quite surprised by his question, as this is something we just deal with here - at least in the Glebe.  Brendan likes to joke that quite aside from the yuck factor of maggots climbing up the garage door, the main reason we don't keep our green bin indoors is that our racoons are quite capable of using a blowtorch to open the lock.


Our backyard acts as a kind of urban wildlife highway.  The squirrels run along the phone wires during the day and the racoons cut through our yard and down the driveway. The racoons are well fed, too. Last year our neighbour Trevor thought he'd seen a small bear, but it was just a very big one!


Anyway, we've long thought that hardware stores should sell garbage can lids independently from the cans, because we own more than a dozen garbage cans with damaged lids. Once the lid is damaged, it's not good for "smelly" garbage anymore. Getting rid of the cans is complicated (ever tried to throw out a garbage can??) and in any case it feels wrong when there isn't anything wrong with the can. We mostly use them for yard waste.


I took photos of a few of our lids.  Amazingly, the green bin itself only has a few holes so far, but they are working on it!

On July 4, 2011 at 04:48 pm
Grandpa H said:
Elizabeth and Janice in the last photo - hmmm... has J been teaching E to gnaw garbage can lids?

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