June 20, 2011
Washing the Car

Auntie Janice decreed that it was well past time to give our car a bath.  I was thinking that our last car only got one during its entire lease, and we still haven't taken this one for its first service appointment so maybe a second car wash in less than a year is a little soon. 


But it was perfect weather and hard to deny such enthusiasm from Janice and Elizabeth so Brendan and I reluctantly agreed to let them go ahead.  (Heh, okay, so I'm just kidding.  Like we would say no when someone is begging to wash our car.)


We may have accidentally sprayed the neighbour's car too, but washed it in the process.  We were hoping to wash it surreptitiously but the five year old was apparently watching us work and wanted to come out to help.  The cars ended up extra clean. We even vaccuumed out all the old cheerios and goldfish lurking everywhere in our car.

On July 4, 2011 at 04:54 pm
Grandpa H said:
Our not-so-new truck needs its second-ever wash much worse that any of your cars ever did. Are E and J available this weekend? ;)

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