June 26, 2011
Balance Bike

Elizabeth is now the very, very, very proud owner of a balance bike. We have never seen her so excited.


Brendan had never heard of them before, but I can't remember when I first learned about them.  Did one of my friends have one growing up? I thought maybe I had one but then I remembered having training wheels. Margaret told me that she thought they were new, and apparently balance bikes are very trendy in Canada right now.  The clerk at Canadian Tire didn't even know what I was talking about either.  But I swear I've known about them for a long time - well before they were (re)"invented" in the 1990s.


We asked Elizabeth what colour she thought she wanted.  First she wanted a "boo" one, then an "allow" one and then a "ween" one. Then we found out about the $30 special at Canadian Tire, which only came with one paint scheme.  Luckily it features "boo", "allow", "ween" AND some red thrown in for good measure.  The helmet was pretty much the same price as the bike, but I guess it will last a few years unless it gets used for its intended purpose! Elizabeth picked it herself, out of the two options small enough for her head and NOT covered in Dora or other random cartoon characters.

On July 4, 2011 at 06:18 pm
Grandma H. said:
How exciting! Our neighbours little boy has one, same idea, but it is wooden, from Germany. Lots of children there use them, she says. His big sister, nearly 4, rides one with pedals now--it was a great trainer.

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