June 28, 2011
Thunner Torms

We've had a lot of storms recently.  Thunder, lightening and rain that fills our 200 litre rain barrels in only a couple of minutes.


Elizabeth is not a fan. "I not like thunner torms, Mommy-dear" is a frequent refrain. Apparently fear of thunderstorms is a developmental milestone, although I've kind of lost track of the various "normal" ranges for milestones since Elizabeth has nailed what I consider the basics (walking, talking, eating "by self" and toilet training).


She asks what causes the storms using "whys" of at least three syllables.  It's not whining exactly but she puts a lot of expression into the word "why". Rational explanations are only good before and after the storm; but we've found her a special bible verse that seems to bring comfort during the really intense booms.


Speaking of which: I'm very impressed by how easily she memorizes things, at this rate I'm going to need flash cards in order to keep up.

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