August 4, 2011
Andrew Haydon Park

I've been planning an outing to the western boonies ever since Ottawa blogger Danigirl wrote about the marvellous sandy splash pad and playstructure at Andrew Haydon Park.


Nearly a full year later, I accomplished my goal!  Mind you, I had to schedule a staff meeting there in order to work it into my schedule.  It's the only meeting I've ever had where I was in danger of getting covered in muddy sand.  We were even relatively productive, although there were a few moments where I left the other two to chat while I redirected the toddler. Elizabeth isn't quite strong enough to operate the various push buttons on her own yet, which resulted in some frustration on her part. 


Outdoor meetings are awesome though.


Not leaving behind swimsuit, towel and change of clothing would have been a good idea, but otherwise the park really lived up to expectation.  We'll definitely have to go back sometime.

On August 7, 2011 at 09:38 am
DaniGirl said:
Ha! I love it, best place for a staff meeting ever! :)

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