August 6, 2011
Lake Erie
We visited Elizabeth's cousins in Simcoe on our way to the cottage. Since it was hot and sticky we decided to take a quick trip down the road to Port Dover and dip our toes in lake Erie.  It was quite impressive coming from Ottawa to see the vast expanse that is one of the great lakes.  It truly is water as far as the eye can see.  Grandma J grew up in southern Ontario and spent lots of her childhood playing in and around lake Erie.  We were surprised by how warm it was given the size of the lake but apparently lake Erie is quite shallow and is almost always very warm.  Elizabeth loved playing at the beach and running up and down the shoreline just in the water so much that we had to chase after her to take her home for bed.  We suspect that we may be spending a lot of time at the beach once we make it to the cottage...

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