August 11, 2011

We went mostly window-shopping in Huntsville.  Elizabeth found a tiny paddle at Algonquin Outfitter's that she badly wanted to bring home, but I found just enough strength to resist by thinking of the fights the three cousins would have over a single paddle.


Elizabeth had a grand time throwing toys in the mini cart at the toy store even if we didn't buy most of her selections and didn't even destroy any priceless works of art at the Artisans of Muskoka.  Shopping with a toddler is always an adventure!


Later, Elizabeth and Daddy shared a milkshake from The Nutty Chocolatier.  I wanted one too but they didn't have anything gluten free.  Eating gluten free in small town Ontario has been a challenge this trip. Some places even had signs up which condescendingly explained why it was "impossible" for them to provide gluten-free products. Seems to me that it's the unique local places that should be making an effort if they don't want to lose out to the chains. I can eat at Boston Pizza and Swiss Chalet in Ottawa, so I *would* try other places if it was an option. Huntsville is actually much more gluten-free friendly than most. Depressing thought! 


Once back from Huntsville, we heard that Uncle Chris and Auntie Yukiko had taken Maria out for a paddle.  Erika reckoned they needed "rescuing" so we hopped into the paddleboat and charged after them. Then the girls decided we were actually having a race so we turned around and "beat" them back to the dock.  My poor thighs!  Then the canoe became a pirate boat chasing us. Or were we the pirates?  I can't quite remember.  Bondi dog Taffy was watching carefully to make sure we all behaved.

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