August 14, 2011
Wellesley Watering Hole

Great Aunt Judy wanted us to check out the new splash park in Wellesley and Elizabeth could hardly think of anything else all weekend.


Sunday morning she was up and anxious to put on her swimsuit before church, so I relented and off we went to the park.  I'd tried to check hours online, so I suspected that it was closed based on a news article saying it was open 10am to 8pm on weekends and 3pm to 8pm on weekdays.  The article said something about "extended hours" in the summer and Elizabeth agreed that if it was closed she could play in the park, so we went anyway.  Speaking of hours - is it just me or are those pretty restrictive hours for a splash park?  Especially in a small town where they don't have much in the way of activities?


We got there and of course the splash pad was not active (some kind of timer on the water sensor).  Elizabeth had a good time going down the slide, rocking the car and selling me rocks and sand cakes.  We've been pointing out dog, deer and duck prints at the cottage, so I was proud when she pointed out stroller marks and then suddenly bent down to make her own "Elizabeth prints, Mommy-dear".  She made some for me, too!


After church we went back to the splash pad and got thoroughly wet.  It's the most advanced splash park I've ever been to.  The piano was frustrating because we couldn't figure out how to make it work.  We heard it going as it arrived, so clearly we were doing something wrong... 

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