August 18, 2011

We made a side trip into Dorset to visit Robinson's, a general country store famous enough to justify a bus tour from the Kitchener-Waterloo area back in the day (according to my Uncle Carl).


A change of management about a decade ago shifted the atmosphere from cool and quirky towards tourist-trappy, but it's still a pretty neat store. Lots of frog-related knick-knacks, many of which wanted to come home with me. Rational me decided pictures would suffice given that I have nowhere to put that kind of stuff anymore and I despise dusting. The inflated price tags helped. There were a plethora of tiny tea sets and extremely elaborate cribbage boards. Lots of really weird things too - like the replica firehydrant container or the expensive solar powered flower pot.


Outside, Elizabeth went down the steepest kiddy slide I've ever encountered (faster than ours at home!) and played peek-a-boo in the little house.


We wandered down to the waterfront and admired the nearly restored Bigwin steamboat.  It was pretty windy and Elizabeth's bonnet kept getting blown off her head. I found it hard to keep a straight face when she was scolding the wind, first for "blowing on her 'ead", then for "not listening" and finally for being naughty.

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