April 15, 2009
Bruised pinkies

It's the last time Elizabeth will wear the cute outfit (including built-in shoes!) shown in these photos as she is about as tall as it will stretch.  We're joking that she's trying to impress the midwife by making it to nine pounds by her last appointment on Friday.


Unfortunately, this meant that she's spent the last day or so eating every two hours.  Not just a snack either!  She's slowed down today, but still wants the comfort of sucking even when she's full to the brim.  She'll suck on her hands from time to time but mostly likes knuckles or mom's little finger.  She definitely has the concept that breastfeeding provides food while knuckles or fingers don't, and will wail until we figure out which one she's looking for.


Before becoming parents we thought we'd never use a pacifier with Elizabeth, since it's easier to break a habit if it doesn't start in the first place.  Several rather bruised pinkies later, we've completely reversed our thinking.  At least she hasn't given anyone a hickey yet!

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