August 26, 2011
2.5 Bear Pictures

So, Elizabeth is two and a half, and wiggly. 88cm tall and weighs 25 lbs. Very talkative, she loves to tell narratives and stories about things around her. Most of the time we understand her, but it is always easier if she's talking about something we witnessed! Especially if she's pulling out the big words. She's rather reserved with strangers and dogs (actually any animal that gets too close). Unless said stranger has a toy car, ball or chocolate...


She loves the rain. At the cottage she prayed nightly for rain. A single raindrop and she'd tell us "It's raining. Prolly I should get my boots!"


She's always surprising us with what she remembers. For instance, I told her winter was coming soon. "Yay yay yay!" said Elizabeth "Mommy will pull me in my liddle sled onna snow".


I think winter is going to be a bit of a shock though, because she's quite keen on going barefoot these days at every opportunity. She almost always asks permission.


Still asking a lot of "whys", but if she already knows the answer she's really dying to be asked herself...


I wouldn't have thought I'd be writing this six months ago, but Elizabeth's not nearly as picky an eater as she used to be. No "tamoes" (tomatoes), "tatoes" (potatoes - sweet or otherwise), berries, onions, raw vegetables that aren't cucumber and beans. But she'll eat pretty much everything else. Favourite foods include pasta, nori, rice, cucumber, apple, broccoli, "Mr Fish", "Mr Chicken", "Mr Ham", raisins, goldfish crackers and bacon. She still loves ice cream and chocolate, but perhaps that goes without saying. She actually says that she likes berries, but doesn't eat them. Onions, however? "Elizabeth not like onions".

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