August 28, 2011
Uncle Dave is OLD

Most people equate height with age, so I can tease my baby brother about being extremely old without worrying about whether that makes me old too...


Lasagna, salad, carrot cake and watermelon for birthday treat. Spectacular sunset not adequately captured by our camera but it was an unusually brilliant blue behind us and deep reds and oranges in front of us.  We duly frolicked in the ditch (grass median?) beside the road behind Dave and Karen's house watching the sun for a while.


Dave's presents reflected his recent status change from apartment dweller to proud home owner with a tendency to pull his outlets out of the wall to see why they aren't working. He's promised he'll turn off the power first before doing any other electrical work... The "weasel" was likely the hit of the night; such a strange looking and dangerous garden tool.


But the real noteworthy event of the night was that we got a picture of the six cousins together, including mini-Dave in tummy ;)

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