April 17, 2009
The soother fairy

The soother fairy (Auntie Janice) came by yesterday with relief for our aching pinkies...  At first Elizabeth would have none of this glow-in-the-dark nonsense, but Daddy persevered and she finally got the idea!


Today was also our last appointment with the Midwifery Group of Ottawa.  We have officially graduated! 

Midwife Kim weighed and measured Elizabeth.  She didn't quite make nine pounds, but it was close - she weighs 8 pounds, 13 ounces.  She's 57cm long, which puts her over the 50% percentile.  I can hardly believe that we have no more appointments though.  We really enjoyed the whole midwife experience and we're a bit sad that it's over.  I'm relieved to hear that they would take me on in the future - I was worried that the c-section and all that led up to it might have bumped me into a category of ladies requiring obstetric care throughout their pregnancy.  I really liked the obstetrician they referred me to, but I still prefer midwifery care over an obstetrician. 


I was interested to read this article in the Citizen the other day about why access to midwives is artificially limited in Ottawa.  I'm a huge fan of midwifery and think that the way it worked for me is really the way maternity healthcare should work in Canada generally.  I appreciated the continuity of care provided by the midwives and especially the educational component that the poor overworked obstetricians simply aren't able to provide at the level of funding they receive from OHIP.  Furthermore, it seems to me that it would be better if the obstetricians were able to focus on the more complicated cases they train for.  Not to mention that a less medical approach to childbirth would be less expensive overall.  So hopefully the privilege issue gets sorted out soon.


Of course, this is totally academic for me at this point.  I'm supposed to wait at least one year and ideally two for my body to heal properly before thinking of another pregnancy (and presumably to get the hang of looking after wee Elizabeth).  We also have no idea whether we'd be able to have another baby or not.  Is it greedy to want more than one miracle baby?

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