September 17, 2011
Pink Lake

You may have noticed Grandma and Grandpa H popping up in my photos recently. That's because they are currently visiting from Angola! They arrived in hopes of cuddling with newborn "baby-in-Auntie-Taren's tummy", but baby is quite comfortable where he is.  So we are all still waiting to meet him even though he was due September 11th. Typical H family member... late already!


Great Auntie Muriel came from Toronto for a visit too, and we were able to spend the better part of the weekend together as a family - nineteen for dinner on Saturday! Josie and Daniel were worried when we started talking about Gatineau park, as I gather their last visit involved a fairly strenous hike.  "Don't worry," I said. "You're going with a very pregnant lady and a two year old. We're just going on a gentle ramble. No hikes involved."


Famous last words.


Apparently the trail around Pink Lake has been modified since 1992 when I was last there. Clearly it was never the fifteen minute sprint I remember, but Mom and Dave agree that the trail is significantly longer and has more up and down than it used to have.


Pink Lake is interesting because it is very deep (20 metres), and the bottom layer is completely anaerobic. One of the panels told us that "pink photosynthetic bacterium that uses sulphur instead of oxygen when it transforms sunlight into energy". "Aha!" said Grandpa H. "That must be why it's called PINK lake even though it looks very green". Not so, it turned out. It's named after the Pink family. I was just happy that Brendan didn't get it into his head to tell the kids the Pink Lady joke.


The kids were fascinated by the mica mine, and all the wildlife we saw. Not that the chipmunks stalking us were very "wild". Josie and Daniel tried their first beechnuts (a squirrel threw them at us). Daniel's was very bitter but Josie said hers was quite good.

On September 23, 2011 at 03:36 pm
Rachel said:
The Pink Lady joke!! Yes, I know that one.. the one that takes a while to tell??

Sounds like y'all are having some awesome family time!

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