September 18, 2011
Wine contains alcohol

We had lots of leftovers from last night, so we took them to Uncle Dave's and Auntie Karen's for supper.


Some of the adults had a small glass of wine with dinner. Uncle Dave declined, because he gets wicked headaches from the alcohol. Josie was aghast at his explanation. "Wait... There's ALCOHOL in wine?? Auntie! Alcohol is bad! You shouldn't have any wine. And I'm NEVER drinking wine!"


With great amusement, Great Aunt Muriel enquired where on earth she'd picked up the notion that alcohol was so bad, pointing out that small amounts of wine may actually be good for your heart.


"Oh", said Josie. "I guess I will drink wine after all."


'Not until you are MUCH older, young lady" said Heather sternly.

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