September 14, 2011
First Sleepover

Elizabeth has now had her first sleepover!!!




The circumstances that led to this momenteous event:

  • Uncle Chris and Auntie Yukiko had opera tickets (late night!).
  • Grandma and Grandpa J were out of town.
  • Auntie Janice couldn't babysit.
  • Erika and Elizabeth have been begging for a sleepover for ages.
  • Elizabeth is finally night weaned.

There may have been some chocolate mousse (don't worry Yukiko, I had spare toothbrushes from the hotels we stayed at in Japan when we were there for your wedding).  There was a lot of giggling.  We played a fun game called "clean up the basement". Have I mentioned that I love this age?


Erika found Auntie Mary's flute while tidying and wanted to know how it worked. So Janice and I got out our flutes and spent a few minutes letting the kids blow across the mouthpieces. The girls play together very well, but there IS rather a lot of "it's MY turn" so I find myself suggesting toys that come in at least sets of three. Elizabeth has a distressing tendency to call "mine" if she thinks that Maria is enjoying a particular toy too much. Sigh. I hope she outgrows this soon. Erika was very well behaved.


We told five year old Erika that she could stay up later than the "babies", but she declined the privilege in order to have the fun of going to bed as a group. Besides, apparently she wanted to be "well rested for school" the next afternoon. I was very impressed!


At first Elizabeth was fine going to sleep but then she wanted Mommy to come and sit. "Why are you here?" asked Erika. "Elizabeth was feeling a bit lonely", I replied. "Oh Elizabeth" exclaimed Erika. "Don't you know that Maria and I are right here?"


Auntie Janice sang to them all for half an hour and they were asleep by 9pm.  Erika slept all night, but Maria woke about 3am.  "Auntie Mary!" she called. "Pee Pee!!" After that she couldn't get back to sleep and I was up and down like a jack-in-the-box for a bit getting her to lie back down. "Where Mommy?" "Play?" "Auntie Mary, come!" She hasn't yet learned to whisper so eventually I moved her mattress across the hall to our bedroom. Then she settled right down and went to sleep.  Elizabeth woke up at 5:30 am wanting to nurse "now that Mr Sun is awake", which is fairly normal for her.  I tried patting her back to sleep but by this time it was 6 am and Maria suddenly sat bolt upright in bed and exclaimed "PLAY". "Play?" said Elizabeth. "Maria is awake. It's time to get up." So the little girls and I did. We had waffles, bacon and eggs for breakfast.


All too soon it was time to go home. That night, in bed, Elizabeth wanted to know where her cousins were. I promised that she could have another sleepover sometime soon.

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