September 24, 2011
First Restaurant Order

We'd promised Elizabeth that we could go to a restaurant and celebrate Alexander's arrival after we left the hospital.


No sooner than the promise was made, we realized we'd inadvertently been out of contact with our clients. Of course that meant that something had gone horribly horribly wrong and long story short Daddy had to head home to deal with the crisis. We try very hard to keep promises we make to Elizabeth, so even though Daddy was fixing the problem while Mommy was running interference with the client, Mommy, Elizabeth and Grandpa still managed to make it to Swiss chalet for dinner. 


Elizabeth isn't a big eater, so we've never ordered off the menu for her before. But Elizabeth was very excited about the kid's menu and Daddy wasn't around to share his dinner...


Elizabeth decided she wanted a chocolate milk AND asked the server for it "by self". Then she ordered the mini hamburgers. She ate one burger and about a third of an enormous serving of corn. We packed up the rest along with her dessert - "m&m chocolates for meeeeee"



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