September 26, 2011

When we went camping, Elizabeth made a little house out of sticks and told me the pine cones were "sheep". We also found a few acorns. I've always thought looked like little men in hats, but they work as sheep heads too, don't they?


Originally I was going to make the sheep legs out of twigs but the beads worked better. We used hot glue for assembly, which was easy but not exactly toddler-hands-on. That's why we only made three sheep (Mommy, Daddy and baby, of course...) The "peacock" and "fox" creatures were a little better because Elizabeth could put the feathers on without too much risk of burning herself.


She's very proud of her creatures. But toddler play with pinecones hotglued to acorns frequently results in decapitation. Good thing they are easy to glue back together!



On October 5, 2011 at 09:40 pm
Rachel said:
I LOVE the little creatures!! Ali would love those, too. She always loves collecting Acorns and their "hats". Thanks for the fun idea!!

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