October 1, 2011
Simon is One

Friend John (of Gingerbread men in peril fame) and Karin's baby Simon just turned one. It's clearly impossible this baby is already that old let alone expecting a sibling in January.


I asked Brendan how to describe the party.  "There were many, many, many small children", he replied. "It was frightening." My favourite moment was when one of Simon's parents gave Simon his birthday cupcake and let him loose on the floor. "Seriously?" said the other parent. "But he'll make a big mess!" "That's the point..." Some icing did end up on the floor, to the cat's great delight.


Elizabeth had a wonderful time and didn't want to go home. "I want to go back and play with my cousins again!" she wailed. Apparently all small children are "cousins". We're working on the concept of "friend" versus "family member".


On October 12, 2011 at 05:02 pm
Karin said:
Thanks for posting Mary! It was a wonderful party, and I am glad to hear that Elizabeth enjoyed herself. Simon certainly did! He was also thrilled by the return of his sheep. Thank you again.

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