October 2, 2011
Happy Birthday Daddy

We've been unusually busy this fall with visitors coming and going. When dinner for twelve is considered "scaling back", you know that our sense of a big family dinner is a little warped.  In fact, we realized that we haven't had fewer than twelve for dinner at least one night a weekend for the last month, and there are still a couple of weeks of twelve plus dinner plans to go. I suspect we'll take a little break from large gatherings after Thanksgiving, but it's so much fun to get together!


Erika made her "Uncle Power tools" a special necklace, which he dutifully wore.


Tenant Jesse, Great-Aunt Mary, Grandma H, Auntie Janice, Janice's boy Kevin, Uncle Chris, Auntie Yukiko, cousins Erika and Maria all joined Elizabeth and I to help Brendan properly demolish his birthday lasagna. The flourless chocolate cake was also properly appreciated, though Jesse was careful to request a piece that "wasn't covered in wax and baby spit". That's because Elizabeth insisted on "helping" blow out Daddy's candles...

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