October 4, 2011
Butterfly Show

My alma mater has hosted a free butterfly show in the fall for the last twelve years, and this is Elizabeth's third time. The first time she wasn't even able to sit on the ledge with Erika to be photographed!


We learned from our crowded experience last year and didn't attempt to visit on a weekend. There was no line up, but the butterfly greenhouse was still pretty busy. Elizabeth was extremely freaked out by the butterflies, wanting to leave immediately and be carried by Mom.  I remember that from last year as well - except last year both Elizabeth and Maria were crying and wanting to be carried. I couldn't hold the camera and carry both, and Maria couldn't walk yet so a kind stranger helped me out by carrying one of them. This year Yukiko came and Maria wasn't phased by the butterflies at all! Elizabeth had lots of opportunities to hold a butterfly too but that was clearly not happening. When I was a little girl I liked to catch butterflies, which I'd then put in a jar. I'd hold the jar on my shoulder for a while and then presto! I'd get a butterfly on my shoulder! So I'm bemused by this worry that the butterfly is going to "lick my head". Of course, as soon as we left she wanted to go back.

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