April 23, 2009
Cloth diapers work afterall. Whatdyaknow?

It's probably time for a cloth diaper update.


Last time I posted about them we were disappointed that Elizabeth still didn't fit them properly.  The big problem was that diaper incidents were not being contained by the diaper.  We kept at it but mostly limited our experimenting to daylight hours as we didn't want to risk a blowout on mom & dad's sheets...  Disposables are not immune to blowouts, but while we lacked confidence in the cloth we figured it would be a good idea to remove the temptation to blame the type of diaper!


As she's filled out the number of disposables we've needed has dropped and I'm pleased to announce that we're pretty much entirely using the cloth now - a few here and there when out and about or nameless parents have forgotten to flip the laundry (ahem).  In fact, we're coming up on our hundreth cloth diaper (we know this because our first roll of diaper liners is about done).  I'm ambivalent about the diaper liners.  They reduce the amount of money you save and are another piece to fiddle with when putting on the diaper but not having to rinse out the diapers is a huge huge plus.  On balance I think I'd recommend them (Brendan definitely would - the idea of "rinsing" frightened him a great deal).

On May 9, 2009 at 11:57 pm
Vera Kan said:

I threw out the diaper liners after every use, then realized that if the diaper was only wet, you could throw the liner in with the diapers to wash, just unfurl / spread them out after they were washed (don't put into dryer) and when air dry (like an hour? depends on whether you use Kushies or Bummis) you could reuse them one more time. After that, I threw it if wet because they aren't really designed to go into the washer a 2nd time, they never fell apart if I did but they just got rather rather hole-y.

When the kids are still breastfed, the poops are very very water soluble and should not stain too much, and you can just do with liners and throw right into washing machine. The liners aren't strictly necessary until they go on solids (and then, depending on consistency, they might just roll off of the diaper anyway).

But I'm with you, the sight of a splattered cloth diaper is a little hard to take and it's much nicer to roll off the liner into toilet than to rinse out the diaper. And that's coming from someone who's got a nuclear-powered front-loading washer with extra sanitary option.


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