October 22, 2011
The birds and the bees

Elizabeth and I took Erika with us on our latest trip to the Agriculture museum. At goat feeding time (2:45pm every day!) Erika actually got to go inside the pen to pat all of the goats. Have I mentioned that now is a great time to visit this museum? It's quiet so the staff have time to go the extra mile. I decided Elizabeth wasn't ready for such an intense experience, especially since I wasn't invited! Good call since some of them like to shake hands by putting their hoofs on your chest. Erika wasn't sure what she thought of that, but rallied to pet all of the goats more than once. Brave girl! Elizabeth reckons she'll be ready to face the goats "when she's three", though she rather wistfully pointed out "I'm pretty big now, Mom!"


Then we went to visit the newest mommy cow, who was still in the process of birthing the placenta. The kids were fascinated, and full of questions, especially this one little boy whose mom seemed rather embarrassed by the whole thing.  I personally think it's a bonus that visiting the farm means there are lots of opportunities to talk naturally about "the birds and the bees", but don't think the other mom felt the same way as she repeatedly told her son that they'd "discuss it later".  Of course that meant that he just asked every. single. adult he met! Elizabeth has already seen an actual birth (baby pig) but she was still mesmerized. It was really chilly but she cried when I insisted it was time to keep moving. She was also blown away to learn that many of the cows are around her age when they first become moms. "I bet I have a baby in my tummy right now too", she said, pulling up her shirt so we could all pat her tummy. Erika thought it looked rather "ouch-y". "Did it hurt MY mom when she had me?" she demanded. I told her that moms don't mind once they have their babies.

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