October 23, 2011

RAWR! Elizabeth saw her second theatre "movie" today - Dinosaurs 3D at the museum of Nature with cousins Daniel and Josie.


Daniel found it pretty scary and insisted on watching most of it without the special glasses. Josie insisted on sitting in the front row in front of the rest of us.  Every time something jumped out at us she turned around and whispered "THAT was SCARY". (I nearly got the giggles) Elizabeth was very quiet and snuggled on my lap the whole time, but kept the glasses on and obliged me by counting dinosaurs and pointing to babies and trees everytime I asked her a question to make sure she wasn't being traumatized for life. Afterwards she said that the only scary part was "waiting for the video" and "when they turned off the lights at the beginning". The dinosaurs themselves weren't scary, she said, rather dismissively.


We tried to get a few pictures with the "realistic" looking dinos, but the kids were not feeling cooperative. The resulting grumpy face video amuses me greatly. Daniel and Elizabeth were very into the dinosaurs, but Josie was more interested in the dawn horse display.

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