November 16, 2011
These parents aren't interchangeable

Sometimes when Brendan and I are regaling the other parent with tales of daughterly exploits we realize how differently she plays with each of us.  Momma tends to be a bit more structured in her play suggestions because rocking baby in the car seat is not her favourite game. So Elizabeth makes puppet shows, does art projects, reads books and helps around the house. Daddy on the other hand tends to let Elizabeth do what ever she feels like. He plays an active part in whatever scenario her wild imagination has concocted that particular day, and rarely directing her to play with a particular set of toys.


Turns out that even when we go to the same museum, we apparently have different routines. Case in point - the last few times Brendan and Elizabeth visited the Children's museum (also known as the "baby museum" because it has baby dolls) they visited "the sewing / clothing section" with a green monster on the roof and a giant rat holding a pair of scissors in the window. I'm pretty familiar with this museum, but clearly not observant enough since I have NO idea where this was.


Elizabeth had great fun making necklaces there though, although she preferred to put the giant beads on the ends of her fingers.


There's also a "tortilla-making" place with a modeling clay substance behind a door I thought was decoration. There's apparently a blender on the table. Not that Elizabeth makes tortillas with it or anything - last time she made a monster that was eating bunny rabbits.  The teeth were improperly affixed and fell out. "Probably he didn't brush its teeth." said our properly indoctrinated child. So they made him a toothbrush.

On November 24, 2011 at 05:49 pm
Grandpa H said:
Could we please have Elizabeth come over here and indoctrinate some children, um, adults, about dental hygiene?

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