April 28, 2009
Do you ever feel like a gerbil?

We had cousin playtime today, beginning with a trip to Cosmic Adventures!  Elizabeth's day actually consisted mostly of eating and sleeping - I guess she wanted to make up having slept a record five hours in a row the night before. 


Yukiko looked after Elizabeth while Erika and I got to play in the ginormous play structure.  It's been a long time since I got play in one of these - at least to this extent...  Erika moves quite a bit faster through the tunnels than I can, but I managed to keep up okay in most without too much damage to my knees.  She's still a bit cautious about going down the steep tube slides, so we did those together (at least the first time!)  I'm moderately frightened by the idea of trying to keep up with more than one child in this, but I guess that by the time Elizabeth and baby-cousin-to-be are old enough to go on the large play structure Erika will be big enough to look after them!  Here's hoping anyway...


Erika's favourite slide was apparently "the gray slide", for which we searched for high and low without any success.  Luckily Erika agreed it had probably gone on holidays and I was able to tear her away from the playground even though she hadn't been able to slide down her favourite slide.


Afterwards we went back to our house. Yukiko expertly napped with Elizabeth while Erika and I made "a messy business" in the kitchen (aka cookies).

On May 10, 2009 at 00:03 am
Vera Kan said:
Oh, Erika is getting so grown up! and I love the pictures of Elizabeth being held by all.

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