November 18, 2011
First babysitting gig

"Excuse me," [Robin] said, '"do you need a baby?"

"I don't know," said the man. "Can it wash my car?"

"No," said Robin.

"Can I sell it for lots of money?"

"No," said Robin.

"Well, what is it for?" said the man.

"It is for loving and hugging and feeding and burping," said Robin.

from Murmel, Murmel, Murmel by Robert Munsch


Elizabeth was very proud when I asked her if she'd like to babysit Xander while I made supper. (The fact that Daddy was there was incidental.) She took her job very seriously.  First she lined up the babies. Baby Xander on the left, Baby Nora in the middle and Baby Micah in the stroller.  Each baby received a carefully selected toy and then she decided they needed to be rocked. Several different strategies were tried before she discovered one that let her rock all three at once. Every once in a while she swapped out the toys for new ones.


After supper he got a little fussy so I wore him in my sling. Elizabeth wanted to go in the sling on my back too, but I thought that was a bad idea so I gave her a piggyback instead (sorry, no picture!) We fed him. He was sooo tired. He'd eat for five minutes and then pass out cold. Then after another five minutes he'd wake up and want more.


Xander's first visit away from his Mommy flew by very quickly (about 4pm to 9:45pm, or two blinks). He was left with three outfits, six diapers, 16 oz of milk and a full belly. He drank 12 oz of the milk, used all the diapers and two of the outfits, but barring a few wails to communicate a need for feeding or a diaper change Xander did not cry at all until his parents came home. 


"Can we keep him?" asked Elizabeth. "He can sleep in my room on the mat."

On November 24, 2011 at 09:03 am
Xander's Daddy said:
Adorable! I'm glad Elizabeth enjoyed babysitting -- I'm sure there will be a lot more opportunities in future :)
On November 24, 2011 at 02:17 pm
Grandpa H said:
Clearly, Elizabeth is going to be a great mommy, just like her mommy :)
On November 24, 2011 at 05:45 pm
Erika and Maria's Daddy (through Mommy's mouth) said:
Please give us a chance to look after Xander!!

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