November 21, 2011
Guided Tour

I've had a guided tour by Janice at the Aviation museum before, but Auntie Yukiko hadn't. So when we heard the tour announcement over the PA system we quickly assembled at the appointed location.


I figured I would take Elizabeth and Maria aside as soon as they got bored, but apparently I underestimated my sister's ability to engage the very small.


She had us dancing to explain how airplanes move, hugging to explain how engines work and flying from plane to plane to keep little ones engaged.


I was expecting to find the material repetitive, but silly me - there's apparently lots of interesting anecdotes about each airplanes and so chances are that the stories aren't the same from one tour to the next.


Last time the most interesting thing I learned was that ejection seats cause micro-fractures in the spine (which is a good reason not to practice ejecting!) This time I was very surprised to find out that the F-18s can travel from Ottawa to Toronto in a mere ten minutes. Our jets can get to any point in Canada within half an hour. That's amazing! I would travel to Toronto a whole lot more if it just took ten minutes! Although I guess the G-forces would be a bit of a deterrent, not to mention the $$$ for fuel!


The tiny plane that carried eight prisoners of war was impressive too, but clearly none of them were sized like our husbands...

On November 28, 2011 at 01:27 am
Auntie Janice said:
Awww... thanks sis :) I was glad you all came along- I don't often get to do public tours with wee ones, but it's so much fun when I get to.

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