December 27, 2011

Elizabeth has a doll named "Noria", after friend Jess' little girl Nora. Elizabeth helped us with Nora's quilt and we showed her many pictures of Nora on Facebook to help her understand where it was going. When doll stopped being "Baby" or "English Baby", Elizabeth named her Nora. Around the same time "Portuguese Baby" became "Micah", but unless Elizabeth meant Michael we have NO idea where that came from!


In any case, Elizabeth was pretty excited when I told her that the real Nora was going to come and visit. Elizabeth is still rather reserved around strangers, so I warned Jess that this probably meant that Elizabeth would spend the entire time hiding behind my legs while peeking out at Nora and then demanding to know when they were going to come back as soon as they left.


As predicted, both girls spent lots of time studiously ignoring each other. Periodically, a small glance at the other was permissible but there was very little interaction between the girls. At lunchtime, Elizabeth really, really wanted to know if Nora was hungry. She dragged me into the kitchen and asked me. "Why don't you ask Nora?" I asked. "TOO scary!" came the reply. I tried to convince her that she should tell our visitors that it was lunchtime, but although she cheerfully agreed she just couldn't bring herself to do it. Not even the incentive of an M&M helped - it was as if Nora and Elizabeth were like magnetic poles.


Lunch helped loosen Elizabeth's tongue and she soon found a way to play with Nora from across the room by waggling her bum in the air. Nora quickly copied her. General hilarity ensued, as it does.


Then I figured out the best ice-breaker for toddlers ever: stroller derby. There was stroller running and stroller chasing and stroller lifting and stroller crashing. They had the best time ever, according to Elizabeth. Also according to Elizabeth? "When I'm three we're going to visit Nora's house."

On January 8, 2012 at 10:55 pm
Jess said:
Well, Elizabeth's certainly right about the visit part...

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