January 8, 2012

We drove down to Toronto without stopping (4.5 hours!), and back home again all the way from Wellesley with only one stop at "Siss Chawet" for supper.  Elizabeth is great in the car. She plays, she sings, she sleeps... One of her favourite car games is pretending to play her beloved matching game. "Beeta," she'll ask, "Beeta, do you have a car with black and blue and white on it?" "Nope" says Beeta. "Okay, I'll pick up a card. Your turn!" She also likes to pretend drive a train. Daddy always gets to be the engineer. She agrees to drive carefully and stay on the tracks. Daddy gives her the go-ahead and she grabs the pretend steering wheel and starts driving. She slows down at the stoplights, squealing the brakes and pulling the horn.


We stayed at Great Aunt Mary's new southern condo, but we neglected to photograph it (next time!) It's very nice. Elizabeth really enjoyed staying at "Aunt Mary's house", but she's still rather confused about why Mary has two houses. And of course now that she's seen one house, she'd rather like to see the other one too. Have I mentioned that she can pick Nunavut out on a map? She loves to see where the people she knows are on the map - probably her sense of geography is now better than mine, but then again that's a very low standard to beat!


We had a great time at the reunion. Elizabeth did NOT do her petrified monkey impression. Actually she even went off with Great Aunt Joanne to play in the baby room without any parental coaxing required. Then she pretty much entertained herself while Mommy and Daddy got to play games and catch up on what everyone's been up to since the summer. According to Elizabeth, "it was all (satisfied sigh) quite lovely"

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