March 15, 2012
Kitty Face

We went to Billings Bridge again for their March Break activities. Elizabeth watched the Radical Science show while waiting patiently in line for face painting. The science show was all about low pressure and high pressure - blowing up balloons inside bottles, blowing up giant balloons, balancing balls on a hair dryer and leaf blower, leaf blower powered hovercraft and "airzooka" full of some kind of fog so that we could see little smoke rings of air being shot across the mall.


Elizabeth was pretty excited by her loot bag - long lasting bubbles, glow in the dark stars, two different kinds of sticky animal things that you put on the wall... The ladybug one "walks" down the wall (or I should say walkED, since it's now so dirty that it doesn't stick to anything anymore)


Last year Elizabeth was a butterfly (along with her cousins). This year she decided she wanted to be a kitty. I could write reams about the bad behaviour of the other kids in line (and their completely absent parents) but unlike the full contact sport that doubled as standing in line for free cotton candy, at least we weren't in danger of being crushed.


Elizabeth waited for more than two hours for her kitty face (!), then calmly walked up to the clown, demanded "a titty" (Mommy translated!), sat down on the chair by herself, closed her eyes and held completely still for the four minutes or so that was needed. We had explained she could only have it on her face until bedtime, so while there was quite a lot of discussion about whether or not she might be able to keep it after all "because I REALLY LIKE my titty face, Momma", she actually started scrubbing it off by herself at the appropriate time. 

On March 30, 2012 at 03:49 pm
Grandma H. said:
Wow, March break activities are certainly getting more elaborate.

I really like Elizabeth's kitty face, too. And she can keep it a long time now in a picture!

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