March 10, 2012
Frog Sitting

Elizabeth and I got to "frogsit" our friend Iain's 30-odd frogs and one gecko.


Aside from an extremely embarrassing and guilt-inducing incident where I accidentally set fire to their floor, we had a lot of fun oogling all the different kinds of frogs. I thought I took a picture or ten of the red-eyed treefrogs but can't find them now. No picture of the totally cool Pixie, because it was sadly hibernating.


It turns out that Elizabeth has developed an extreme fear of crickets since our last frogsitting gig. But she also likes babies, and pinhead crickets ARE babies. So once she came around to my point of view that baby crickets are cute, she was at least willing to help feed the "scary" bigger crickets to the animals. From a safe distance. She did deign to mix the gecko's fruit powder...

On March 24, 2012 at 04:15 pm
Grandpa H said:
"accidentally setting fire to their floor" requires explanation, there has to be an hilarious story in that! As to feeding live things to other live things... I'm not sure you should be exposing my granddaughter to that... ;o

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