May 16, 2009
How many diapers is a baby supposed to go through?

Elizabeth is growing again; we know this because she spent the better part of last night eating. And eating.  And eating.  Daddy wasn't sure where she was putting it all, so I made him get up in the middle of the night to do the extra diaper changes that inevitably resulted from the extra liquids.


It will be interesting to see how our next water bill is impacted by our new habit of daily laundry!   In theory we purchased enough diapers for two days (24 prefolds + 7 covers), but in practice we find Elizabeth uses nearly 20 prefolds in a day.  Since we don't normally change her during the night, it's no wonder that I sometimes feel like all I'm doing is feeding and changing her!  On the other hand, we're very pleased that the cloth diapers are working out, because at $0.20 / disposable we'd otherwise be paying $28 a week to keep her in diapers.


We can see that she is growing up.  Her naps are becoming more regular, and when she is awake she can amuse herself for longer and longer periods.  She is very determinedly trying to master rolling from her back to her tummy and we think it's a matter of her figuring out what to do with the arm she is rolling onto.  She is also working on crawling.  She is capable of inching her way to her desired destination given enough time to do it in, albeit not always in a particularly straight line.  The process involves more leg than arms and a lot of grunting.  The further she goes, the more frustrated and whiny sounding the grunting gets until it becomes a bit of a wail.  She doesn't quit trying though. Mom and Dad probably don't help matters since they can't help laughing at the resulting beached sea-turtle look.

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