April 10, 2012
Chocolate Eggs

I wanted to try silk dyed eggs this year, but wasn't planning to eat the results. Since I'm not terribly keen on eating food coloured dyed eggs the idea of actually eating a random clothing dyed egg? So not going to happen! It's hardly likely that clothing manufacturers factor food safety into their dye choices...


What to do? Here's Brendan's account:


"Mommy came up with a frightening idea this year.  Blow out an egg and then... wait for it... fill it with chocolate.  Sounds yummy, but how to do it?  We tried a number of different approaches based on advice from the Internet.  First we soaked the eggs in cold water for ten minutes to soften them up a bit.  Then we tried drilling holes in them.  This worked alright for small holes but was a dismal failure for large holes.  Even with the drill in reverse it was just too prone to cracking the eggs.  We reverted the using a pin to enlarge the holes.  After blowing them out we then sterilized the shells in boiling water (holding them down with a steamer) and then somehow conned Janice into filling them for us.


She had WAY too much fun, using a small medicine syringe to put chocolate and peanut butter/raspberry ganache /blackberry ganache into the empty egg shells.  It worked alright until it came to time to eat them.  They were surprisingly hard to peel in order to get at the chocolate goodness inside.  An interesting experiment that probably requires some further refinement.  Mmm refinement."

On April 26, 2012 at 01:49 pm
Grandpa H said:
A great account, and I think I'm thankful that the drilling failures weren't documented in more detail :)

Perhaps it would be easier to just make chocolate eggs? ;)

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