April 19, 2012
Sleeping Beauty

Elizabeth has been experimenting with her identity recently. A favourite game is pretending to be one of her cousins. Recently she refused to answer to anything but 'Erika' for well over 48 hours. "And Mom, you be 'Kiko and Dad is Uncle Kiss" (ie Yukiko and Chris) Maria joined our family too, sometimes as one of her bears, sometimes just an invisible "extra". While 'tending to be Erika, Elizabeth told everyone she was five years old (this was just before Erika's recent birthday) and tried to do everything the way that Erika does. She ate mushrooms without complaint and insisted that she would go to bed by herself. But at naptime she turned into Elizabeth "just for a moment" because she wanted to nurse. There are apparently limits!


Daddy and I played along to a point, especially when having "Erika" around was to our advantage. Did I mention that Erika eats everything? But I drew the line when Elizabeth started telling me off for speaking English. "'Kiko talks different sounds, Momma. Speak Yapanese!!!"


When she got tired of being Erika, she decided to try Xander's life for a bit. He only eats mashed banna (banana), can't talk and constantly needs diaper changes. The not talking part doesn't last long. Elizabeth has far too many words welling up inside her that are just bursting to come out.

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