May 18, 2009
We may never have to clothe our daughter

As is turns out this whole business of buying clothes for kids is all a myth.  With about one week to go before Elizabeth was due to be born we only had one outfit which was way too big (although we didn't know this at the time).  By the time she was born there were zillions of outfits all winding their way through the collective network of friends, family and even the postal system.  Within days we had enough clothes to make it through to about 12 months give or take a bit.


Today the phone rang with more clothes at the other end.  We drove out to see some old friends who have a daughter and son (both seriously ancient - their youngest is 18 months) who had outgrown enough clothes and toys to fill a significant portion of their garage.  In an effort to reclaim some of that garage space (probably for the stuff they are going to outgrow in the next week or two) they decided to call up some friends with younger children (or children to be) and get us to haul away the stuff.  We showed up and found boxes and boxes of clothes and toys all over their lawn.  Between us and another family we managed to make a small dent in the new lawn covering.  With our car stuffed full we headed home with clothes ranging up to 24 months.


It is kind of funny but seeing how fast they grow at this stage it really does make sense to pass stuff around.  We have already started to unload clothes that Elizabeth has outgrown on our extended family.  We are certainly extremely thankful for all the stuff that has been passed on to us and are more than happy to do the same in turn.


We figure that in another couple of months we should be picking up clothes for Elizabeth to go to high school in...

On May 19, 2009 at 08:35 am
Grandpa H said:
From my recollection, high school aged children actually want to have a choice about what they wear...
On May 19, 2009 at 09:42 pm
Heather of the EO said:
I get all kinds of clothes from friends and relatives too. My boys don't know the difference at this point, so we think it's pretty great.

And about moms doing all that stuff before 10 a.m., well...I DON'T do that much every day, that's for sure. But when the day starts at 5:30a.m., there's a whole lot of time to kill. And my boys aren't too good with being entertained by TV or passive play...they demand lots of attention, so I have to be creative :)

On May 23, 2009 at 08:21 pm
Stephanie said:
Hand-me-downs are the BEST. We love those around here. :)

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