May 15, 2012
The next plan

Ever since we cleaned off Elizabeth's rainbow window, she's been lobbying to paint the window again. She's pretty persistent. If you tell her "maybe tomorrow", she will check again tomorrow. In the case of the window, we said "maybe sometime in the Spring", so she's been checking whether it's time approximately once a week ever since.


She's also taken to asking us "What's the next plan?" whenever she isn't sure what's happening next. It's adorable, except when she's suggesting the next plan. For instance, "Momma, the next plan is to eat ice cweam WIF cockolate kips!!!".


You will notice that we did finally give in and paint the window again. This time we painted the outside. We'll see if we regret this once it rains!

On May 21, 2012 at 01:43 pm
Grandpa H said:
Beautiful windows, the plants provide a nice accent to the homebuilt digital TV antenna.

As to "the next plan" - it is taking Grandpa a very long time to realize that there doesn't always have to be a "next plan" - or rather, there is always a "next plan" but we don't always know it and we don't need to know it. Mommy can explain that to you ;)

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