May 17, 2012

These pictures are unusual in that they do not feature bloodied hands and knees.


Apparently we've reached the age of minor scrapes as our formerly cautious child has thrown caution to the wind. She gets a new "boo boo" nearly every day, which must be covered by a band aid unless hidden by clothing. Mom tries to avoid the highly coveted band aids because if the band aid restricts her movement in any way it reminds her continuously of her grievous battle wounds. This results in extreme babying of the affected part. Last week she rubbed a microscopic piece of skin off her palm and held the bandaged appendage with such care and attention during French class that numerous adults wondered if she'd sprained her wrist. Luckily she forgot about the scrape the morning after the band aid came off (with much protesting!)


She also hates getting her scrapes wet, which makes bath time rather acrobatic. Hopefully this phase passes quickly.

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