May 26, 2012
Great Glebe Garage Sale

It was Xander's first Great Glebe Garage sale (and his mom's too!)


The "pink ladies" came as usual bearing many baked goods, books and plants. Auntie Janice manned a table full of the random bits and bobs we wanted to part with ourselves, and did a roaring business in adorable (custom) earrings. 


Elizabeth took some of her work time earnings and bought a glass of lemonade from the little girl (and her brother) next door. I foresee competing lemonade stands in our future, but maybe they can be convinced to have a joint enterprise!


Elizabeth also bought a cupcake from the pink ladies. She very carefully weighed her options before selecting the perfect cupcake. Then we walked around the neighbourhood admiring the wide variety of items for sale. Bouncy horses super popular this year for some reason... Elizabeth wanted a "trottinette" aka scooter just like Crocolou (a wolf / crocodile hybrid in a book that she's recently taken a shine too) and also like Erika. Auntie Heather found one. I was dismayed to discover that the bike extensions I've been coveting are too way tall for Elizabeth. These are the things that turn a bike into a tandem with the second rider being a child - sadly I am sure she will be riding on her own bike long before she's able to reach the pedals on those.


Later that evening Elizabeth wondered where all the "gwage salers" went. "I want them to come back tomorrow!"

On June 11, 2012 at 04:28 pm
Grandma H. said:
I agree with Xander's t-shirt! What a sweet picture. Amazing Garage Sale--this one has to be in capitals. Those kites look fantastic! Would love to hear the stories behind some of the items, like the drums, and the wedding dress...!

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