June 11, 2012
Petrie Island: Frog Week

Despite the lack of turtles, "turtle week" was a such big hit with Elizabeth that she asked whether it was time for "frog week" several times a day.


We invited Maria along. This was not as successful an outing as I hoped, as Maria got about a dozen steps onto the trail and then decided she needed to be carried. I mostly don't even carry Elizabeth anymore (a good 10lbs lighter), so this was a non-starter, particularly since I was suspicious that carrying one girl would lead to demands from the other.  Maria looked at me. I looked at her. She crossed her arms, sat down deliberately and started to scream. Of course this set off Elizabeth, who was crying because she wouldn't be able hear the frogs singing and that Maria was going to chase them all AWAY...


Sigh. I tried to get Elizabeth to go ahead with her friend Julia, but Elizabeth was having none of it. So we sat down and I told Maria that when she was ready to come and look at the frogs we would keep going. Eventually she decided that screaming wasn't having the desired effect and cut it out. Then we had a nice time. We heard and saw many frogs. The girls declined the opportunity to touch the real ones captured by the more enthusiastic older members of the group, but they were clearly interested in the frogs. I did need to get them to use grass to encourage the frogs to jump instead of rocks. I'm sure the frogs didn't enjoy the outing as much as the kids did!


The hike was pretty long and very hot, but despite that initial resistance the girls did very well. The tree with the giant leaves apparently was cut down by a beaver (a coppice). Normally that tree has smaller leaves, but getting munched by a beaver causes mega-sized leaves.


After the hike they cut out, glued and labeled the life cycle of a frog. Elizabeth insisted on writing her own labels (and actually did a credible, if not entirely legible, job). Maria insisted on decapitating a number of her frog parts with the scissors. They were both extremely proud of the end results. I think they even had fun.

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