June 19, 2009
Why yes, I am enjoying being a parent...

I've noticed a number of news articles and commentaries in the past few months asking whether having children are a net positive or negative influence.  Apparently there is some recent "scientific evidence" that proves childless couples are happier than families.  I'm thinking that this is similar to the science behind love (those pesky chemicals in the brain I like to tease new couples about).  Might be part of the story, but certainly not the whole story. 


I have noticed though that many parents love to tell horror stories about their kids.  If your kid hypothetically poops on your mother or pees with such velocity that she hits the wall nearly a meter away, I can understand why childless listeners might react with dismay.  Cleaning up from such a hypothetical incident might not be your favourite activity in the world, even if said incident reduces you to helpless giggles ("What just happened?").


But after nearly four months of child raising experience, I'm thinking that this is more like the stories avid campers like to tell when reminiscing about their favourite trips.  Even the best trips always have parts where the mosquitoes were so numerous they had to line up in order to get a bite in, or where you end up ankle deep in slime while looking for a portage that is no longer maintained.  In general, these less fun parts don't mean that the trip itself wasn't worth making.


Not to mention that there's something about a tale of successful survival that is tremendously appealing.

On June 20, 2009 at 06:45 pm
Grandpa H said:
I read the two links and thought about researching an apologetic against them, however, it isn't worth the trouble.

The first article is about the work of a psychologist - over the past generation or two, psychology, especially controversial, media-attention-seeking psychology, has become an organ of the sociopolitical loony left - and the second commentary is from a woman who clearly is pathologically selfish.

Your view is more realistic. The popular expression "no pain no gain" describes child-rearing as well as most (all?) other valuable human endeavor. The appropriate and true worldview on children is expressed in Psalm 127.

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